CAROLINE KANGOGO: A 34-year-old rogue policewoman who made headlines for wrong reasons after allegedly hunting down and killing her ex-boyfriends, have been found dead inside her parents’ toilet.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo went into hiding after killing police constable John Ogweno on July 4, 2021. Ogweno was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with her.

Few hours later,  Caroline killed her second victim Peter Ndwiga. The 32-year-old policeman who was also her boyfriend was lured to a hotel room where  he was gunned down in cold blood. Following the killings the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) issued a statement warning that Kangogo had gone rogue. The DCI also warned men in Kenya to be on the lookout for her and not to trust Kangogo, whom they described as armed and dangerous.


While authorities have concluded that she killed herself, many are questioning this narrative. The pictures shared widely on social media show that she might haver been surprised and probably was shot by someone else.

Many are questioning why there is no splatter on the walls, her legs crossed in a comfort position, her left hand tucked in jumper pocket and she is still holding the gun in her right hand.

These questions are likely to linger own in a country where police officers are notorious for killing suspects.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya confirmed the officer’s demise.

“The reports we are getting from our officers in Keiyo is that Caroline came home at around 5am in the morning. She, however, did not get inside the house and at around 7am, she got into the bathroom and killed herself,” Natembeya stated.

Natembeya added that it had been difficult to get a hold of Kangongo because she was an officer and was well versed with the police force.