A very lucky Zimbabwean is now officially a millionaire after winning big in Canada.

Onismo Murambiwa has that “6/49 feeling” after winning the guaranteed $1 Million prize in the February 19, 2020, Lotto 6/49 draw.

Murambiwa, a 47-year old married father of three, discovered his win by using the ticket checker at a retailer.

“I thought, this is not happening! I scanned the ticket a dozen more times,” he told OLG. “It was a shock to the system. I even took a photo of the Ticket Checker!”

The Zimbabwean born realtor plans to treat himself to a new car and will put the rest of his winnings into savings.

“As a realtor, I handle big cheques all the time. It feels incredible that this one is mine,” he told OLG.

“I don’t know what to say – this feels like a dream.”