Gweru – There are businesses that are demanding payment of goods in US$ only and these will soon face the wrath of the law, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development Clemence Chiduwa has said.

He said toll free numbers to report culprits to the Police will be made available to the public soon.

Speaking at an economic relief rollout program held at the Village Lodge on Tuesday Chiduwa said Government introduced a dual currency trading system and therefore businesses is required to accept the Zim and US dollars.

He said that there however, were some business entities that have certificates to trade in US$ only and it is these only that are allowed to refuse the local currency.

He also accused some business entities of transacting in US$ and then issuing receipts in local currency. He said the practice is illegal and those found on the wrong side of the law will be prosecuted.

“Transacting in US$ only is illegal, yes l hear some businesses are now transacting in US$ only. Let me assure you that very soon these will be facing the law unless they have licenses to trade in US$ only.

“The same goes for businesses issuing receipts in local currency after being paid in US$. That is illegal and they are shortchanging Government because they will then pay tax in local currency after getting US$,” said Chiduwa.”

-Masvingo Mirror