Warning: Very disturbing video

A Zanu PF official who own mines in Kadoma caused an uproar on social media after a video in which he is filmed beating an unknown man, who appears to be a minor, leaving him for dead went viral.

The man in the video seen by ZwNews.com has been identified as Letten Chikore a staunch Zanu PF member who owns Chikore mine in Kadoma.

He was filmed hitting the unidentified man to a pulp.

The video circulating on social media platforms has received criticism with people calling for the imminent arrest of Chikore who has become a law unto himself.

People are suggesting that he is related to Mugabe’s son- in law Simba Chikore, the picture below shows him standing very close to former President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace months before Mnangagwa took over.

Said to be Letton Chikore
Said to be Chikore