Grace Mugabe the mad woman is gone…Zanu PF…

HARARE: Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA)  leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa has invited Zimbabweans to a rally to show President Robert Mugabe that the masses are against him and support his removal from power. The rally will be held at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfields. The former liberation war fighters want to project a show of force.

Zanu PF say ‘The mad woman’ is now history

Mutsvangwa was addressing a press conference in Harare today where he was flanked by ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya and former war veterans minister (retired) Colonel Tshinga Dube. Mutsvangwa warned President Robert Mugabe that he should negotiate in good faith with the military generals. He went on to give Mugabe an ultimatum to leave or they would settle matters tomorrow at the rally. According to Mutsvangwa, the “fireworks are coming tomorrow.”

Mutsvangwa who seemed to be in a combative mood, denounced Mugabe’s hypocrisy alleging that Mugabe had brought lawyers to the negotiations that were held between his side and the military generals. Mutsvangwa claimed that in direct contrast, he had been denied due process when he was expelled from Zanu-PF despite being a Cabinet minister and Politburo member at the time. He also repeatedly attacked Mugabe and first lady Grace Mugabe calling them a “senile old man” and “a mad woman.” He even claimed that Mugabe slept 99 percent of the time in cabinet meetings.

The war veterans leader warned Foreign Minister Walter Mzembi to stop trying to misrepresent the government’s positions to SADC. and reminded him that his colleagues from the G40 Faction were currently in military custody.

Mutsvangwa then claimed that Zanu-PF provinces had started passing resolutions to expel Robert Mugabe from the party. According to Mutsvangwa, the Provinces which have already passed the resolutions are Harare, Masvingo, Mashonaland West and Midlands Provinces. maveriq