Seasoned Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has clarified that it is not him who has been involved in a road traffic accident.

Earlier Chin’ono had posted on his microblog Twitter handle.

“Just had an accident this morning in Masvingo road just after toll gate and after paying toll gate…we almost died, 4 of us. Because the road is terrible.

“Road yekabvaruka ichipinda muroad.

“How many people are perishing coz of this Government.

“Road isinga peri yakaita sei!”

“We are in hospital now since morning in Chitungwiza. No doctor, no machine we x-ray.

“We buy everything injection, card, tablets nothing happens before you pay.

“Yet no service is coming,” he says.

Meanwhile, upon noticing that people misconstrued it for him having had been involved in an accident, Chin’ono clarified that it was not him who has been involved in the crash.

He says it was one of his followers who have been involved in an accident.

It is not me @daddyhope who was involved in a car accident. It is one of my followers who was involved in a car accident. That is why the statement is in inverted commas (“ ”),” he posted.