Reports from Kwekwe indicate that a freelancer from the Midlands mining town was this morning threatened by a section of some Zanu PF youths who accused him of ‘spying’ on drug dealers in the business of selling the interdicted chrysal methamphetamine, known in street lingo as Mutoriro.

Speaking to this publication, the reporter who refused to be immediately identified as he was in the process of ‘comunicating with relevant organisations and law enforcement agents’, said he received the threats at the Kwekwe magistrates court Thursday morning.

“I was warned for allegedly working with the police to spy on and expose the mutoriro cartels in Kwekwe,” said the journalist.

“Only a few days ago, I received threats from some drug dealers in Amaveni suburb and for my safety, I relayed the information about those threats to Mr Kudakwashe Zvarayi, who is the chairman of the Media Institute of  Southern Africa (MISA) Kwekwe Advocacy. This is actually not the first time that I have been attacked and my life has been typified by threats,” he said.

The reporter said he was told that he would either ‘be killed or spend the rest of his life on a wheelchair’.

more details to follow…