Virtually impotent opposition outfit, People’s Party, is embroiled in turmoil after party leader and former Zanu PF minister Walter Mzembi, together with his deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa dramatically stepped down this evening citing irreparable ‘internal contradictions”.

OUT!!! People’s Party VP Godfrey Gandawa


In a co-signed statement, Mzembi and Gandawa said the People’s Party, which is largely comprised of fugitives who fled the country after the dramatic November 2017 coup, was birthed for the sole reason of ‘facilitating democratic change in Zimbabwe’.

“Having failed to resolve internal contradictions that have recently bedevilled the People’s Party, we have reached a decision together with my deputy, Dr Godfrey Gandawa, to step down from our positions in the interest of the party,” the statement partly reads.
Added Mzembi:
“The party was started with the sole objective of facilitating democratic change in Zimbabwe and that sacrosanct goal remains bigger than any individual, including those occupying the Presidency. In that vein, we have decided to hand over control of the party to Secretary General Lloyd Msipa. We wish the party good success in its democratic endeavour”.

The party confirmed the duo’s resignations on Twitter and said People’s Party will continue to respect the outgoing leaders as the party’s founding fathers.
“President (Mzembi and his deputy Gandawa) tendered their resignation from the (People’s Party) this (Thursday) evening. As a party we are sad to see them go. Going forward the People’s project will restructure (and) move forward. We will always be grateful to them as founding fathers,” announced acting party leader Msipa.

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The party is predominantly comprised of members of the extinguished G40 cabal which was diametrically opposed to then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential ambitions during the era of ousted late dictator Robert Mugabe.
A considerable number of G40 members went into exile after Mugabe was replaced by Mnangagwa in the wake of a military coup euphemistically referred to as Operation Restore Legacy.
A couple of months ago, Zwnews reported that the party has been ‘recruiting’ it’s shadow MPs and councillors in preparation for the potentially explosive 2023 elections.