BREAKING NEWS: Zimbabwe President and Zanu PF chairperson will meet the party’s war veterans at an extraordinary indaba meeting after Easter break on April 7, 2016.

War veterans at the weekend shocked Zanu PF leadership by passing a vote of no-confidence on VP Phekezela Mphoko.

Insiders insist ‘President Robert Mugabe is the real target and the former freedom fighters want him out as soon as yesterday’.

Announcing the April meeting  date cde Sydney Sekeramayi said the meeting would cement the foundation of the nation.

“The meeting will chat the way forward as we build the country because detractors are working overtime…,” he said.

A source who refused to be named said that the main issue is President Mugabe’s retirement. War Vets are furious as they want a clear ‘hand over take over plan’ that follows party constitution.

They are also unhappy with the ‘votes of no confidence and expulsions’ that have claimed the political lives of their former leaders Jabulani Sibanda and Chris Mutsvangwa.

Last week Mugabe said that some people are going around the party districts and as far as  to China to say they want a new President for Zanu PF and government as soon as possible, even before 2018 elections.

The April 7 survival meeting is a clear sign that Zanu PF relies more on War Vets not the other way round.

The announcement comes two days after War Vets passed a vote of no confidence on Vice President Phekezela Mphoko,Ministers Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and many others aligned to the G40 faction.

War Vets have openly supported Team Lacoste faction which is widely believed to be the firepower behind the powerful Justice Minister, VP Emmerson D Mnangagwa.

This weekend Team Lacoste did the unthinkable when it set up parallel structures from cell, district to provincial level  in Midlands Province and expelled G40 leaders from the ‘home turf’.

The G40 faction has struggled to deliver a killer punch to Team Lacoste as they have just realised that Team Lacoste is backed by the core of Zanu PF, that is War Vets who also happened to be in charge of key government institutions including security forces.

This explains why the expulsions and suspensions have mainly targeted peripheral people with little value to the survival of Team Lacoste.

At the moment it seems they dare not touch the core and inner circle of Team Lacoste lest they open the gates of hell that will destroy everyone and everything.

More to follow . . .