Zim elections: Mugabe says NO to Military in Zanu -PF Politics…begs Zimbabweans to send soldiers back to barracks

Warning-Raw, Unedited text: Former Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, gave a press statement at his Harare house today. He asked voters to send the military back to barracks by voting the opposition not Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF government.

Asked by a BBC reporter ‘would you prefer the opposition or ED to win tomorrow’.. he said ‘I cant vote for Zanu PF. I can not vote for a party for those in power who are my(just now) the people who brought me into this state. I can’t.. so it’s the MDC, Mujuru, Khupe, others but the two women don’t offer anything, what is there..only Chamisa!!’

Mugabe said I can not vote for my oppressers, Khupe and Mujuru do not offer very much, so there is Chamisa there!!

On voting for the two women, he said he never saw any rallies done by Mujuru and Khupe. He will not vote either of them.

He went on to speak and rumble on a number of issues:

Commenting on the coup he said our neighbours have been fooled to believe it was not a coup. Nonsense. When they rolled the tanks it was a full  blown coup.

Asked by a BBC reporter if he ever met or funded Chamisa he said I have not met this man Nelson Chamisa, I met his late leader Tsvangirai when we were together in government. I wish to meet him if he wins.

Asked if he used army to remain in power in 2008, he said there were elections every 5 years, I was  defeated at one time, we never used the army .

Asked to comment on his daily life and concerns for his family he asked the state controlled Herald to ” Leave my wife alone, I want Grace to remain mine alone.”

On past violence and deaths in the later part of his rule he said don’t forget we were fighting British settlers here. We agreed with the Thatcher government that we were going to get our land back but we agreed on the nature of compensation. We did not send away the whites, we took away our land. Americans supported us.

On $15 billion diamond plunder he said we got nothing from mining companies.

Mugabe believes Itai Dzamara was abducted and killed by security forces who investigated his disappearance. He does not know why they did that.