BREAKING News: Harare man shot dead by “Zanu PF memnber” near MDC HQ…Killer’s car set on

A “Zanu PF man” has just shot dead a yet to be identified person near MDC head quarters in Harare over a parking space quarrel

What Happened:

The alleged shooter who was wearing the scarf which has been popularised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reported to have parked his car at QV Pharmacy. When he was asked to pay for parking by the youths who are reported to control the parking in the are, the alleged shooter refused to do so,  insisting that he would only pay to an official from the City of Harare.

This resulted in an argument between the shooter and the youths. The argument escalated quickly and the youths started assaulting the shooter who tried to flee from them. While attempting to escape, he pulled out his firearm and fired two shots. One of the shots hit a woman who was not involved in the situation although reports say it is not fatal. The second shot which was fatal hit a man who washes cars in the CBD who had joined in the fray and had rushed to catch the alleged shooter as he was running away. He died on the spot after being hit on the head.

After firing the shots, the shooter was caught and beaten up the youths. The youths went on to torch the alleged shooter’s car.

Witness Patson Dzamara said the incident happened at the corner of Kwame Nkrumah and Angwa Street.

“I’m told that the person who shot parked a car with Zanu PF stickers leading to a tiff between him and some vendors. He ended up shooting the victim. His car is now in flames,” Dzamara said on Twitter this morning.

Unconfirmed reports say the killer is a Zanu PF member, others say he is a member of President Mnangagwa’s dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO).

“A man has been shot near first st by a suspected CIO agent. Is this we what the new dispensation is all about? Seems like everyone who owns a gun can now just fire it willy nilly. Any form of violence should be condemned & I pray that justice will prevail,” said MDC-T spokesperson Linda Masarira.

Zimbabwe spokesperson did not answer his phone when our Harare correspondent phoned to ask about the shooting.

Zwnews can confirm that the assailant was quickly taken to safety by police as people bayed for his blood.

More details to follow…