BREAKING News: Cholera hits Bulawayo, Harare death toll rises to 28


THREE people suspected to have Cholera have been quarantined in Bulawayo with the Ministry of Health and Child Care saying many people have since been affected by the water borne disease countrywide.

Meanwhile, The Ministry of Health said Friday that the cholera death toll in Harare had risen to 28 after two people died during the day.

The developing health emergency is testing the capacity of the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to handle a major crisis, amid rising anger around the country.

The MDC and Zanu PF continued to trade blame for the crisis. The MDC, which is the majority party in all major urban centres, blames the government for failing to settle its debts to local authorities running into hundreds of millions.

The MDC also accuses the government – which has launched an international crowdfunding appeal – of failing to prioritise expenditure by spending millions of scarce foreign currency buying vehicles for traditional chiefs and ministers while neglecting decaying urban infrastructure, believed to be the cause of the latest cholera outbreak. agencies