Zanu PF factionalism showed its ugly face yet again as hundreds of people protested against the decision to have Vice President Mphoko presiding over the late Masvingo Resident Minister and Iron Lady Shuvai Mahofa’s burial.

The chaos started soon after the Vice President’s arrival with people in the terrace facing the opposition direction and giving him their backs.

Things turned worse when the VP’s chance to speak came and some comrades from Masvingo started singing “Ndimi Makauraya”.

The CIO poured fuel to the fire when they tried to arrest one of the leaders who was wearing a VP Mnangagwa T-shirt (Written Vote Emmerson Mnangagwa) and this sparked a revolt with hundreds of people walking out as the VP was starting his address.

It didn’t come as a surprise as the Mahofa family and also Masvingo province made it public that they would not entertain a situation where the people who tormented the late minister will be at the forefront of burying her.

It’s tantamount to saying WE WILL KILL YOU AND BURY YOU! online