BREAKING: Grace gets full immunity…President Mugabe agrees to step down

Grace Mugabe

HARARE: President Robert Mugabe has agreed to the terms of his resignation and a letter has been drafted, a CNN report says, citing sources with direct knowledge of negotiations.

The report said that the army generals had agreed into many of Mugabe’s demands.

Under the agreed deal, Mugabe and his wife will be granted full immunity and he would keep his private properties.

For the resignation to formally take place, however, a letter must first be sent to the speaker of Parliament, the source reportedly said.

Mugabe stunned many on Sunday after he stressed that he was still in power during a much-anticipated TV address.

According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, MUGABE can only RESIGN by written notice to the speaker of parliament who makes it public.

In other words, he cannot announce his own resignation.

 Section 96(1) of the Constitution on the Resignation of President or Vice-President reads:

The President may resign his or her office by written notice to the Speaker, who must give public notice of the resignation as soon as it is possible to do so and in any event within twenty-four hours.