Consumers are now in the crucibles of confusion over the real price of bread in the country, yesterday the price of bread went up to RTGS$2,30 from RTGS$2 with millers saying the increase is not associated with the cost of flour as the price of the product has remained constant.

According to the state owned Chronicle,Bakers Inn was giving its customers the option to buy a loaf for US$0,60 while demanding $2,30 per loaf for those paying in bond notes. Lobels and Proton bread was also going for RTGS $2,30 per loaf.

Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) chairperson Mr Tafadzwa Musarara said the price bread hike had nothing to do with an increase in price of whea

“The GMAZ has noted the recent increase in bread prices. These bread price increases are, however, not in any way associated with flour cost drivers as the product supply price to bakers has remained constant since the new price of bread was gazetted. Cabinet announced an increase in the price of flour yesterday (Tuesday), however bakers had already increased the price of bread. This increment has nothing to do with the price of flour because as GMAZ we had not increased the price of flour and they were still getting it from us at the same price,” Mr Musarara said.

“This increase may be a result of other production costs in the baking industry and logistics and not flour. We are currently consulting on how we can work around the new price of flour, to ensure that it does not affect the price of bread so that the price of bread will remain the same.”