Over the weekend, a quartet of audacious criminals launched a shocking assault on Alexander Jachi, the head of CID Homicide, plunging him into a life-threatening situation.

Jachi now lies in a hospital bed, recovering from the brutal attack that took place.

In an attempt to defend himself, Jachi fired a shot, striking one of the assailants in the leg. Despite this, the attackers showed no mercy, continuing their assault on him, leaving him severely injured.

The four suspects involved in this brazen act – Munyaradzi Chatonzwa, Sydney Rande, Mark Tatenda Chingombe, and Simbarashe Steven Ota – made their appearance before Harare regional magistrate Donald Ndirowei.

The court heard that on September 30, Jachi was driving his gold Toyota Fortuner from Highfield to his residence in Chitungwiza, traveling along Masotsha Ndlovu Way.

Approaching Mbuya Dorcas Hospital, he slowed down to make a turn onto Seke Road. It was then that he noticed a silver VW Polo and a red Honda Fit tailing closely behind him.

The red car obstructed his path, preventing him from making the turn, which forced Jachi to continue on Masotsha Ndlovu Way. Subsequently, he made a left turn onto Seke Road, heading toward the City Centre, with the two vehicles continuing to follow him.

Sensing a potential threat, Jachi decided to seek refuge at Jongwe Corner. Once he parked his vehicle, Chatonzwa and Rande swiftly exited their car and advanced menacingly toward the senior law enforcement officer.

Chatonzwa menacingly approached Jachi, making threats of unspecified actions. In response, Jachi fired a warning shot into the air from his 9mm Police service Taurus pistol, an attempt to deter Chatonzwa. However, Chatonzwa persisted in his advance, prompting Jachi to fire a single shot at Chatonzwa’s left leg. Astonishingly, Chatonzwa continued to approach Jachi, assaulting him with an unidentified object.

Jachi fell to the ground, defenseless.

Chatonzwa’s associates soon joined the assault, mercilessly beating Jachi until he lost consciousness, all the while bleeding profusely. Witnesses who attempted to intervene were also subjected to attacks by the assailants.

In the midst of their rampage, the attackers pilfered Jachi’s wallet, which contained US$140, as well as his identity cards. They also absconded with his service pistol and deflated his vehicle’s tires.

Chatonzwa was apprehended with Jachi’s personal belongings in his possession, although the service pistol remains missing.

The four individuals now face charges of attempted murder, theft of a firearm, and malicious damage to property.