Zimbabwean boxer Themba Gorimbo has placed himself under fire on social media after making controversial remarks about multi-award winning dancehall musician Winky D.

Gorimbo invited trouble after he compared himself to Winky D, saying that he is an international artist while Winky D is only familiar locally.

He also brew his own trumpet about having more Facebook followers than the Gaffa as Winky D is affectionately kwown by his legions of fans.

However, this backfired on the boxer, as he faced a backlash from Winky D’s fans.

Winky D’s followers took to social media to fight in their favorite artist’s corner, with some even prophecying that Gorimbo would lose his next bout.

Gorimbo tried to pick himself up by disowning his Facebook account alleging that it was hacked.

Apperantly, this is not the first time Gorimbo has found himself in trouble on social media.

He also made comments about comedian Madam Boss’s accent, which did not go down well with her fans. Many are now calling for Gorimbo to focus more on his career and less on social media.

“He needs to learn from other established athletes and stay focused on his training,” said one fan. “His lack of professionalism is not doing his career any good.”

Gorimbo has since deactivated his Facebook account.