In a daring act, a thief managed to pilfer a cellphone from a man who was making inquiries at the Harare Magistrates’ Clerk of Court’s office.

Tatenda Mhlanga seized the opportunity to allegedly pickpocket Desmond Makomva while they were both in the Clerk of Court’s office.

Makomva soon realized that his phone had disappeared and promptly reported the incident to a nearby police officer who happened to be in the same office.

The vigilant officer questioned the individuals present in the office about the missing phone, but no one claimed to have seen or taken it.

In response, the officer conducted a thorough body search on everyone within the office, ultimately discovering the phone in Mhlanga’s possession.

Mhlanga offered an explanation to the police, stating that he had taken the phone for “safekeeping.”

Following this discovery, Mhlanga was taken to the police post at the court, where statements were recorded. Subsequently, he was transferred to Harare Central Police Station for further interrogation.