HARARE: Norton MP Temba Mliswa has come out guns blazing following rejection and humiliation he suffered at Blue Roof yesterday, Monday, when he visited Grace Mugabe to mourn former Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe.

While Julius Malema and his EFF comrades were allowed to go into a closed-door meeting with President Mugabe’s widow, Grace, and other family members at Blue Roof; the outspoken Norton MP was advised that the former first lady was not present at the residence.

Writing on Twitter, Mliswa said:

I went to go and pay my respects to the family of the late RGM this morning at “the Blue Roof”. Unfortunately a few minutes after producing my ID as requested I was informed that the former First Lady wasn’t in. Nonetheless, the family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Mliswa later attacked Grace Mugabe, Julius Malema and G40 members in a social media thread posted below:

I was interested to understand your definition of tormentors…. Oh & by the way, is this strong lady you refer to the same one who displayed such strength beating up a young SA girl, strange you didn’t seem to comment on that.

For one who was so vocal against the corruption of Jacob Zuma and talks of opportunism you’re strangely quiet about the 5 Norton farms this “strong woman” has or of the money allegedly stolen by Jonathan Moyo in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Interesting to note was the “G40” presence that greeted your arrival. Was there any particular reason this visit was made in the absence of Mnangagwa that respects were not paid to either himself or his office as protocol dictates?

No small surprise the presence of a certain group of Zimbabweans at the service for the late RGM at Orlando Stadium recently.

The folly of making populist statements is 1. They must appeal to the majority and 2. They mustn’t allow you to lose credibility from those whose popularity you seek.

The strong woman’s strength was in the abuse of people & making their lives miserable. The empty National Sports stadium bares testimony to her unpopularity

As my brother and comrade Julius Malema, I celebrate and encourage your successes but where you cross the line I must be blunt.

Our history indicates the way true comrades and heroes were demeaned upon passing by RGM. Maybe you’re not familiar with stories of Nkomo being forced to flee the country in a dress and other incidents.