Black Coffee is again in the spotlight, this time it’s after videos of him DJing a packed event in Cape Town, went viral on social media.

The videos on Twitter reveal Black Coffee at The Silo Hotel, DJing to a packed crowd. Patrons seem to be having a great time on the dance floor, but aren’t social distancing, nor are they wearing face masks.

Twitter users are furious with the patrons, Black Coffee and The Silo Hotel and have labelled the event a super-spreader.

“I’m looking at IG stories and watching what looks like a Black Coffee gig happening at the Silo Hotel with not a single mask in sight and I’m wondering if Cape Town wants a third wave because that is how you get a third wave,” tweeted @2frost2furious.

Chay Skyla Cook said: “We all know the third wave is coming after Easter Face throwing a kiss We’re also gatvol of this government. 0.2% of our population has been vaccinated whilst our industry is at a standstill? It’s been a year since we could actually work work. The whole of CPT/SA”.

While @SoliloquyPanda replied: “Ppl are dumb and selfish. For 2h? of fun they are willing to jeopardize their and their families health. Think they need to take a really good and deep look into themselves and ask themselves what kinda ppl are they. But I’m guessing they are incapable of that”.

Marketing and communications manager at The Silo Hotel, Ross Bowers responded to IOL Entertainment’s media query saying the hotel was completely booked out for a private function over the weekend.

“The whole of The Silo Hotel, including all accommodation, was booked out privately on Saturday in accordance with Covid-19 regulations and restrictions on capacity. All protocols were adhered to on arrival and check in. Because it was private, the hotel was closed to the public,” he said.

IOL Entertainment has reached out to Black Coffee’s team and is waiting for a response.

Last week controversial entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu crowd surfed during one of her over crowed gigs.

The businesswoman posted the video on her Instagram and received criticism from her fans.