A one-of-a-kind man from Bulawayo reportedly has an insatiable appetite for seeing her own sister having sex with her husband.

Quite a rarity, ofcourse, but the revelations  came to the fore when Gertrude Shungu applied for a protection order against her brother, Michael Shungu from Sizinda suburb who is said to be in the habit of calling her a prostitute ‘that sleeps with any man who asks for her cookie’.

As if that is not enough, Gertrude Shungu has had to endure insults and humiliation as her younger brother, Michael Shungu has called her a prostitute that sleeps with any man who asks for her cookie

Efforts to reprimand him have been abortive as Michael would beat her for having the temerity to call him to order.

Gertrude had to apply for a protection against her younger brother.

“My name is Gertrude Shungu, I’m applying for a protection order against my younger brother Michael Shungu. We live together in our parents’ house in Sizinda suburb. He comes home very drunk and enters my bedroom while I would be sleeping with my husband and he would label me a prostitute that sleeps with any man who wants sex,” she said.

She added: “On many occasions he has entered my bedroom and found me naked and hurled insults at me, he would then beat me. He even insults my mother-in-law while accusing her of siding with me. When my in-laws visit us, he would mess the toilet just to fix me.”

Michael said: “We argued once when I asked why she didn’t leave any food for me.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Gertrude a protection order against her abusive younger brother. He was ordered not to physically and verbally abuse his sister.

state media/Zwnews