While I am absolutely angry with those who are currently abusing and oppressing us l am more than convinced we deserve most of what is coming our way.

What kind of people are we? What kind of patience is this? We have lost loved ones. We have been maimed. We have seen our dreams go up in smoke. We have cried bucket full of tears . We have experienced the pain of being separated from our loved ones. Our savings have disappeared and we live from hand to mouth. And we still can’t think hard and smart about choices for our country , our children and our future.

Have we suffered enough? Are we prisoners of our fear. Or we are just clueless.

I am convinced that the day we have suffered enough. That day when we can’t take more of the abuse and oppression we will find our courage, voices and stand up for what is important for this beautiful country.

Only when our courage is stronger than our contrived fear will we be ourselves. Until then we will take more abuse, oppression, mediocrity and find and create the excuses for being timid and cowards.

And don’t insult me by asking me what we should do. Lead from where you are. Stand for something for goodness sake.

We collectively deserve better than what we have inflicted on ourselves. We are all responsible for where we are. travor ncube