Raunchy Dancer Beverly Sibanda has this morning tied the knot to Chambuka Mufudzi at the Harare magistrates court.

Bev Sibanda is known for her energetic dancing and controversial encounters with Prophet Magaya, Robert Mugabe jnr and a nasty break up with Andy Muridzo in 2017.

Bev Siband gets married to Mufudzi

Little is known about Bev’s new husband identified in court papers as Chambuka Mufudzi.

Her husband has a unique name and the only Chambuka Mufudzi you can find is listed on UK Companies House- Government website as 48-year-old British national who resides in England.

Picture of Chambuka Mufudzi..source..online


Dancer Beverly Sibanda ties the knot to her sweetheart, Chambuka Mufudzi at the Harare Magistrates Court.
Congratulations to the two.


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