what do you know about sovereignty if you do not  know who exactly is your dad…?

President Mugabe’s youngest son Bellermine Chatunga has come under fire after making a political statement over Christmas.

Here is the message he sent to Zimbabweans from Singapore on boxing day, 26 December 2016;

“We all grow up in life and take up our responsibility to serve our country. We all have a responsibility to keep this country safe and guard our sovereignty. God bless all who sacrifice for our nation Zimbabwe”, said Chatunga.

While very few applauded the young man over his sense of responsibility and destiny, many threw back unprintable vile and vulgar statements against Chatunga’s parents, President Mugabe and First Lady Grace.

Here are some of the responses to his statement, names deleted;

*what do you know about sovereignty if you do not  know who exactly is your dad…?

**Lucky you and your family. All the Mugabe family does is live of the sweat of ordinary Zimbabweans, without giving back anything in return or offering any service to the country. I am not sure how taking millions and stashing them in Dubai and Singapore counts as a service to Zimbabwe or as a sacrifice.

***Young man, please pass on this this message if you can, your dad needs to rest and let someone else lead. We are suffering here and let not these idiots fool you.

****little man, do you even know how people live in the high density areas, do you even know how frustrated people, all these people who are giving u fake positives are just hypocrites, time to rise Zimbabwean people, this is bu!!sh!t.

****Mwana we Nyoka i Nyoka(brood of a snake is also a snake). This little b@stard is no exception.

****When you are busy buying ZIMCHEM for a song. You and your family have personalised our country. Explain where you got the money to buy such a parastal.

****Your mother’s a Gold digger

*******thank you for your message of hope and togetherness but i doubt those who have been sacrificed by your father will agree with you

*******Mwana wehu7e…ngaaudze mai wake wadzosere $1.3m iyoyo…i business ripi rawanoita rinowapa mari iyoyo?(Son of a b***h..tell your mother to pay back $1.3M…..)

Unedited statements from Zimbabweans unimpressed by Chatunga Mugabe’s statements.

Chatunga is no stranger to controversy, when he was younger, he once promised to beat up opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai whom he accused of trying to kill his father(President Mugabe).