There is chaos at Beitbridge Border crossing today following labour disputes between officials at the South African side and their employer.

News and photos reaching Zimnews suggest that there are huge lines of people, buses and trucks waiting to be processed on the South African side and some of these travellers have been there for hours.

A Harare based market trader, Monica Moyana, spoke to Zimnews and told this publication that she is optimistic that they will resolve their differences today and will then clear travellers as soon as possible.

“By faith we will be home today, they are sorting themselves and we have been asked to wait a bit”, said Moyana.

Meanwhile, some people are now travelling via Plumtree Border Post to avoid Beitbridge chaos which is ‘a normal thing’ about this time of the year.

During public holidays the border becomes a chaotic mix of motorists, buses and trucks.

There has not been any word from the South Africa side on the alleged strike by its officials.

Sometime this year Beitbridge Border Crossing witnessed deadly clashes between travellers and border police the highlight of which was the burning of ZIMRA warehouse(pictured) by angry protesters.

The protests quickly spread to Harare and other cities and turned political as people asked Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe to resign.