BEITBRIDGE: Corpse found in Dulibadzimu Subur
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is appealing for information that could lead to the identification of a corpse that was found in the border town of Beitbridge last Friday.

The corpse, understood to be that of a man in his thirties, was discovered in a bushy area located in Dulibadzimu high density suburb.

The ZRP has said it treating the matter as a suspected murder case.

“The body was bleeding from the mouth, with bruises all over. A blue jean trousers was observed (sic) beside the body and a note with a name and phone number. Police are treating the matter as suspected murder and are appealing for information which may lead to the identification of the body and the circumstances thereto,” the ZRP wrote.

Meanwhile, the country’s policing service has also announced that four people it arrested recently in connection with the smuggling of an Audi Q5 motor vehicle, have been arraigned before the courts of justice in connection with the matter.

According to the ZRP, investigations done so far have indicated that the number plates of the smuggled vehicle belong to a Ford Ranger.

The criminal quartet was remanded in custody to July 10, 2020.