The organisers of the shutdown Beitbridge Border Post demonstration in South Africa say they have been cleared by government to carry on with the event.

The demonstration is expected to take place on 26 October 2023.

One of the organisers, Cucsman a disgruntled Zimbabwean, musician and comedian confirmed the development.

“Good evening fellow Zimbabweans I am glad to let you know that we managed to get the clearance for our Beightbridge Border Post demonstration.

“Unfortunately hatina kuzopiwa 28 na 29 as we wished which was going to be on a weekend, we have already engaged the authorities on that note, we will advise you all on the developments, we want to try and do this on weekends kuitira vanoenda kumabasa.

“We will also notify everyone on when we do the Chirundu and Plumtree demonstration, we are going to close these boaders as a way of showing our displeasure, we are sick and tired of disputed polls in Zimbabwe, we want the situation to be resolved before end of this year. We fear fokol,” he says.

He recently, disclosed that they were engaging the SA Ministry of Home Affairs over the matter.

“We are engaging the South African home affairs and trust me there is so much hope that they will support us in this worthy cause, we have told them that the political crisis in Zimbabwe is fueling the immigration crisis in South Africa, help us fix Zimbabwe and all your problems with undocumented Zimbabweans will be history.

“Disputed polls drives away Foreign Direct investment, they are bad for business, we call upon every Zimbabwean who wish to see our country moving forward to participate in these demonstrations, please note that this is not a partisan thing, its for all progressive Zimbabweans, Asante Sana,” adds Cucsman.