Following the tragic loss of Zimbabwean artist Garry Mapanzure, his family has come forward to address the controversy surrounding a viral video. The family’s primary objective is to dispel the inaccurate claims that Garry was consuming alcohol before the incident and to provide clarity regarding the video’s actual context.

Clarifying the Video’s Origin and Timing

The video showing Garry Mapanzure pouring liquid on the ground was recorded at his residence in Dangamvura, Mutare, in August 2020. It is essential to emphasize that the video captures Garry’s participation in his Sushi Season Tour, a performance event held at Barcode.

In response to concerns raised about the video’s context, a representative of the Mapanzure family affirmed:

“This video is being misused to imply falsely that Garry was consuming alcohol before the accident.”

Full Statement From Garry Mapunzure’s Family On The Alcohol Story:

On behalf of the Mapanzure Family,

There is a video circulating on many social Media pages showing the late Garry Mapanzure pouring alcohol onto the ground. To clarify, this Video was actually taken in the Home ownership area of Dangamvura, August in Mutare in 2020. Garry was performing that night at Barcode his Sushi Season Tour.

This video is being used to convince/ insinuate to people that Garry was drinking before the accident which is false. I have been sent the full video and proof supporting the above mentioned statement by Garry’s Family.

It is obviously very, very disappointing and adding unnecessary pain to Family and Friends, Fans and Associates considering they are still trying to come to terms with Garry’s Passing as well as the two other individuals who lost their lives in this tragic accident.

I would urge anyone circulating this video to stop and have some compassion and respect. We have lost 3 young lives and let’s come together and pay our condolences in a respectful manner.