There was big drama in the Midlands capital after a Masvingo businessman, Taurai Mudzwiti popularly known as ‘ Bucho ‘ was caught chopping another man’s fiancee, at a Gweru lodge.

The woman in question was identified as one Anele Makhiwa a Great Zimbabwe University student.  The jilted man has been reportedly paying for Anele’s university fees and upkeep.

It appears Zanele is currently walking in the eye of a storm after she reportedly featured in a leaked s3x tape which has since gone viral on whatsapp.

The jilted man, identified as Tatenda Gwatidzo blasted Bucho on social media.

I also wanted to be married like you but I caught you ***ing my fiancee in Gweru at village lodge, Anele Daisy Makhiwa, a student at GZU WHO I WAS SENDING TO SCHOOL I WITHOUT PROTECTION, WHAT’S SAD IS U HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WIFE U RUINED IT FOR ME

In a series of video clips which have gone viral on social media, an enraged Gwatidzo drives to the Gweru lodge where the rendezvous is alleged to have taken place.

As he approaches the lodge he starts to narrate what’s going on.

“Iyi imota yaBucho iyi, arikusv*ra Anele mu lodge iyi.

This is Bucho’s car (indicating a black Merc), he’s having a romp with Anele in this lodge.

The clip cuts to Gwatidzo bellowing for Bucho to open the door so they can square off.

” Open the this door right now , I caught you having se_x with my girlfriend. What are you still doing inside

There are visible blood spots from the doorway to the porch, indicating that when the initial confrontation happened, there was a physical fight which resulted in injury.

An incensed Gwatidzo, who seems to be bleeding then storms to the window and starts asking for Anele to come out of hiding.

“Come out now Anele and let’s deal with with this. I know you are in there. I tried to reason with you in a rational manner but you treated me like an as**le.

The clearly devastated man continues with his rant asking Bucho to come out or he will be forced to start shooting at the door with his gun. He continues demanding for Anele to come out.

Zanele has since appeared in audio explaining that her ex boyfriend wont let her move on. She blasts him for sending a bedroom tape to her father.