As Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation sinks it’s teeth deeper in the flesh of many Zimbabweans, civil servants included, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has upped calls to be paid in American dollars.

The union blames the government for not being sincere in addressing their plight, but instead threatening the Union leaders, as well as freezing their salaries for demanding a living wage.

Teachers leader Obert Masaraure says a number of teachers are not receiving their salaries, as government tries to punish them, as discontent levels rise.

“We demand  salaries in USD now. Our government encourages us to be patient but we cant put our lives on hold. We have to feed our families, get medication, pay fees e.t.c. Austerity targeting the poor whilst the ruling elites are living lavishly is criminal and cruel. We will fight back,” says the Union.

The country’s year to year inflation has reached astronomical levels with the price of bread almost doubled from $1.80 few days ago, to $3.50. To which President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he will solve by creating small bakeries to provide cheap bread. Mnangagwa said this in his Independence Day address. This statement earned a back lash on various media platforms, as people tag him a clueless leader.

As if to add to his cluelessness, one of his ministers also suggested price controls as a solution.

Deputy minister of information, Energy Mutodi tweeted; “For a country that has no currency of its own, no competitive industry & no jobs, price control is the way to go in order to protect the poor.”

Adding that it was very unfortunate that cabinet has not foreseen the need for price controls, and urged that it was high time that necessary steps be taken.

Renowned economic analyst Professor Steve Hanke from John Hopkins University called Mutodi’s sentiments stupid, saying it was a great idea only in leading the country deeper into the economic gallows.

Congratulations to Hon. Energy for his idea of imposing more price controls in Zimbabwe entering Hanke’s Dictionary of Economic Stupidity.

Another great Zimbabwean idea on how to further destroy Zimbabwe’s economy. Happy 39th Birthday, Zimbabwe.

Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya chipped in, “Mnangagwa is between a rock and a hard place. If he controls prices there will be massive shortages, if he doesn’t the people are hurt enormously; reform both the political and economic architecture of Zimbabwe. No short cuts to prosperity; destroy state oiled corrupt networks!

“Zimbabwe economic recovery and stability does not require threats against proper businesses. It requires macro economic and governance reforms; destroy corrupt elite run cartels led by Zanu PF and it’s associated predatory networks, tell them to produce and reform currency completely.”

The same sentiments were echoed by Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa, while contributing on roundtable discussion organised by ZIMCODD, Mliswa recently said:

“Is the ruling party prepared to walk the talk on corruption? NO. Are they ready to see their ministers in jail? NO. Zimbabweans have a challenge of unaccountability thus we need to critically deal with issues to do with money, power and accountability.”