Popular Zambian pastor, Prophet Emmanuel Chibanga has claimed that God has shown him  ‘there will be a mighty military uprising in Zimbabwe’ against President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He went on to say a young person is destined to take over and lead Zimbabwe.

The message below is part of the viral video:

God has shown me something terrible in Zimbabwe and I want us to pray for the nation of Zimbabwe. God is showing me that the sitting President Emmerson Mnangagwa as happy as he is I am seeing him surrounded by terrible enemies.

He is called the crocodile, think of anything that can eat crocodile. I saw a mighty uprising in Zimbabwe and his own people decided to rise against him. God has shown me that as we are moving forward the nation will get into problems.

The people that are surrounding the President, that are saluting him they will turn against him. A young man that God has anointed is the one destined to take Zimbabwe to greater heights.

The Mnangagwa prophecy video was recorded at Emmanuel Gospel Pentecostal Ministries (EGPM) in Kabwe, Zambia.