Human Rights Watch director for Southern Africa, Dewa Mavhinga says reports reaching the organisation are that military in Eswatini has taken full charge and now on a random killing spree.

Mavhinga says indiscriminate shootings by security forces continue even though protests have ended.

He points out that a police source said the army refused to have joint operations with the police, so the deployment is not under civilian authority/ oversight.

It is further reported that the army declared take over of policing.

“From a police source, the army is now fully in charge for real .. not even the police knows what the army is doing now.

“They only call the police to collect bodies of people shot and killed,” posts Mavhinga.

He adds that at one shop armed soldiers could be seen perched on top of shelves.

More than 60 people are said to be detained at Sigodveni police camp in Matsapha where Eswatini Brewaries is, which was burnt to ashes by protestors leading to random arrests around the area.

The SADC Troika has confirmed that it was urgently dispatching a team to encourage Eswatini to find a lasting solution.

However, Mavhinga says the statement by the troika did not mention issues of security forces excessive use of force.

Apparently, as stated by Mavhinga, one contact had this to say:

“Yes, the SADC Troika ministers arrive today at 13:00 at KM3 Airport, but we fear the process could be a sham & a cover up. The international community must monitor closely for the truth to come out.”