HARARE: MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who jetted into the country yesterday,held a press briefing where he gave his party’s position on the current situation. Reports have indicated that both Tsvangirai and war vet chief Christopher Mutsvangwa were “ready to enter negotiations to form a transitional government with former vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa”, after the military staged a suspected coup against President Robert Mugabe.

15:35 Morgan Tsvangirai says the country has been going through extraordinary circumstances

15:38 He says “we acknowledge and salute the role played by our liberation fighters”

15:38 We also appreciate the fact that the military has assured the sanctity of human life, says Tsvangirai.

15:39 Tsvangirai: Over the last five years or so our people have endured a lot of suffering

15:40 Tsvangirai said it is in the interest of the people of Zimbabwe, Mugabe must resign immediately

15:41 He says there’s a need for an inclusive transitional mechanism and agreed upon by all parties involved.

15:41 Tsvangirai urges each and every person over the age of 18 to vote when elections come

15:41 We have a national crisis, and as leadership, we must confront this, says Tsvangirai.

15:42 Tsvangirai says Zuma and other regional leaders haven’t reached out to him

15:43 He says the military are the only ones who can decide if Mugabe and his wife Grace receive immunity. Says he believes in democracy and the rule of law

15:44 “In the formation of the MDC… To me it was never personal. It was never a personal issue. I disagreed in the manner he [Mugabe] managed elections, I disagreed in the manner he conducted government business,” says Tsvangirai.

The press conference has ended.

Source-News 24