Mobile games have expanded rapidly across Africa as technology has flourished. One of the primary contributors to mobile gaming growth on the continent is the adoption of mobile technology as part of daily life, even in rural settings.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the popularity of mobile games in Africa.

Influences on Mobile Gaming in Africa

Many factors influence the African gaming industry, including the rising youth, the mobile tech revolution, and gambling regulations.

Mobile Tech Revolution

The mobile phone sector has seen drastic growth in Africa in recent years, and part of this trend is thanks to innovation in the banking and online payment sector. More than 300 million Africans use smartphones, and at least 50% of the African population owns a mobile phone.

Thanks to advanced mobile technology, Africans can now place quick wagers on accessible betting platforms and play their favourite smartphone casino games on apps like 918Kiss. Others don’t even need smartphones to enjoy mobile games as some old models offer simpler versions of the games.

Mobile money technology also promotes the growth of mobile gaming on the continent.

Improved Internet Access

You need a reliable internet connection to enjoy online mobile games. Today, at least 30% of the African population have access to an efficient and reliable internet connection. With more than 50% of the population being tech-savvy, improved internet access makes it possible for gamblers to access various online casinos on their phones from anywhere.

Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, DRC Congo, Senegal, and Nigeria are some countries experiencing rapid growth in mobile gaming and sports betting, thanks to this increased internet penetration.

Youth Unemployment

At least 40% of the African population comprises age 35 years and below. Many young people in Africa lack formal employment and seek other ways of earning a living, including entrepreneurship.

Some youths also bet on sportsbooks to make a profit. Some African governments even encourage foreign mobile game companies to invest in their economies to create employment opportunities for the youth.

Challenges Facing Mobile Gaming in Africa

Several challenges undermine mobile gaming growth in the continent, including poor payment infrastructure and insufficient research about the industry.

Payment Infrastructure

In Africa, players mostly purchase games through mobile phone providers. In continents like Asia and Europe, this happens in the smartphone’s app store.

The complex payment structure in Africa forces mobile game providers to deal with many different telecom companies in various countries, which can be costly and inconvenient.

Insufficient Research

Another major challenge affecting mobile gaming in the continent is the lack of data. For example, it is impossible to know what types of mobile games most African consumers prefer. Globally, online slots, like 918kiss, account for about 70% of the profits for the mobile gaming industry.

Sports Betting also enjoys considerable popularity internationally, but gaming companies haven’t fully capitalized upon the sector. While there’s a wide range of mobile gaming options, the lack of data for African mobile gaming preferences presents a significant challenge in the industry’s growth.

Mobile Games are Popular in Africa

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular in Africa, thanks to increased smartphone adoption, mobile technology advancements, and increased internet connection. However, the continent has to work on several challenges to stabilize the sector and increase the flow of foreign investment for expansion.