Former ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says those who will be implicated in the Aljazeera documentary on corruption in Zimbabwe should be arrested.

Zivhu says for long, it has been hard to identify the corrupt people, and now that Aljazeera has identified them it will make the job of the police much easier.

“Don’t you think if the much talked about documentary from Al Jazeera is genuine, then corruption will be over in Zimbabwe, police will do their investigations and the courts will sent this guys to Chikurubi, change chichinetsa kuziva kuti corrupt people ndivanani.”

Apparently, the former MP says if Aljazeera is making issues up as alleged by others, then why is it that a lot of people are afraid and feeling unsettled.

“Guys do you mean this Al Jazeera guys are creating a story from the blues, and why making a lot of noise if you guys are innocent, Zimbabweans have moved from the past, where they could be made to believe that red is black.”