Hitmaking Zimdancehall crooner, Silent Killer will this weekend descend on Gokwe for the first anniversary of Gokwe Hotel under its new management- the Join Africa Business Network (JABN).

The hardhitting lyricist who is known for his comic lines will Saturday share the stage with fellow Zimdancehall entertainer, Ras Lallo.

The “Vabva KuWestern” singer who is riding high on a crest of success with a multiplicity of hits which include “Mufambiro WeBonga”, “Gukamakafella” and “Mulundukwa” is expected to bring the small cotton-farming Midlands town to a standstill as Gokwe Hotel celebrates exactly twelve months under the control of JABN.

Formerly run by the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), the hotel had been defunct for a couple of years until JABN came into the fold late last year to assume control of the holidaying and conference facility.

Gokwe Hotel Operations manager Sekai Degma Dzingeni confirmed the development to this publication, saying:

“We are ready for the Angel of War. Silent Killer is a big artist and his coming to Gokwe befits the eventful 12 months that we have been in control of the rebranded Gokwe Hotel. The road has not been an easy one as it has been full of ups and downs. We are here by God’s grace,” Dzingeni said.