I have just been advised that the Minister of Local Government has recalled 12 @CCCZimbabwe Councillors who were elected by the citizens of #Bulawayo on the basis of a letter written by a man purporting to be SG of the CCC.

The action of the Minister is a serious breach of section 68 of the Constitution – namely the right to administrative justice. The Minister was required to ascertain whether the person purporting to act on behalf of the party was authorised to do so.

He was also required to act in a procedurally fair manner, which includes the right of the Councillors affected to be heard before he acted. But the greatest breach is the moral breach – all of these Councillors have recently been voted into office by the overwhelming votes (over 80% majorities in most cases), directly or indirectly, of the citizens of Bulawayo.

This is a total negation of democracy- it is an outrage. The only entity which stands to gain out of this is Zanu PF which is clearly behind these machinations.

Whilst this clearly undermines the work of the Bulawayo City Council we will continue to work as hard as we can to turn our great City around. We will also do all we can to challenge this outrageous act through the courts and diplomatically…David Coltart, Byo Mayor


#CCCPresser: GENERAL NOTICE to Zimbabweans, SADC, AU, and the International Community: Any correspondence you receive from a Zanu PF imposter named Sengezo Tshabangu does not represent the position, aspirations, values, activities, and objectives of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by President Advocate @nelsonchamisa, our Presidential Candidate in the recent flawed, sham, and shambolic elections…CCC