Former Zimbabwean Deputy Prime Minister in the government of national unity, and robotics Professor Arthur Mutambara says Africans must have agency in public health and move away from living at the mercy of others.

Speaking during the discussion being hosted by the Africa Centres for Disease Control and African Union on ‘Building Confidence in the African Response to Covid-19,’ Mutambara said Africa should not serve as a market for vaccines, but be a participant in entire vaccine value chain process.

He added that it is not safe for Africa to be a market for vaccines whose content, efficacy, safety, and properties the continent has no knowledge about.

“Africans must have Agency in Public Health. We are not a case for charity. Cannot be just a market for vaccines

“Tonnes of dollars for producer companies and nations. We must be participants in the entire vaccine value chain, including business. Must challenge the Global Public Health Order,” he said.

The former deputy prime minister is being joined as moderator of some of the sessions by social justice advocate Brian Kagoro.