Prominent Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says African dictators use fake Pan Africanism to oppress their citizens.

“Most African dictatorships use pseudo Pan Africanism to justify oppression of their citizens, and corrupt rule which results in many Africans living in abject poverty,” he says.

Speaking on an eNCA programme on reflections on being African journalist, Chin’ono said the biggest problem in zimbawe is that the state doesn’t want information to flow.

“Grateful to @eNCA & @JJTabane
for inviting me to talk about my experience of working in Zimbabwe as an African journalist.

“Since 2000 when draconian media restrictions/ laws were put in place, practicing journalism in Zimbabwe has been hell on earth, destroying journalism careers,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has one TV station and that station is a state owned station.