The wedding plans of an AFM Church, Kadoma, pastor were interrupted by a warrant of arrest for unpaid maintenance. 

Pastor Learnmore Mutenha received the warrant from police just hours before his wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place at Waterpot Gardens. 

His ex-wife, Janet Badza, with whom he has two children aged nine and 14 years, claimed that he has not been paying maintenance since January.

Janet said Mutenha had a history of defaulting on maintenance payments and had previously been warned by the Harare Magistrates’ Court. 

Mutenha pleaded with the cop serving him with the warrant, saying he would hand himself in at Harare Central Police Station today.

The policeman agreed to temporarily save Mutenha by holding onto the warrant until after the wedding took place.

Janet told H-Metro: “Pastor Mutenha is very irresponsible and heartless towards his own children.

“Panemudzimai waOverseer wavo anoshandira paKadoma Police Station ndiye azoita kuti asasungwe asati achata.

“It is not his first time to rub shoulders with the police for not supporting his children. He took his time to prepare for a wedding without showing responsibility for his kids.”

Mutenha and Janet divorced in 2015. He was arrested last year for defaulting maintenance and warned by a Harare magistrate.

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