Acting President Chiwenga please STOP army killings


We write this statement to implore Acting President Constantine Chiwenga to order an immediate stop to a near genocide situation developing in the country and call for urgent negotiations to restore normalcy and security of the citizen in the country.

We appeal to SADC, AU, UN and the broader international community to immediately step in to restore peace and tranquility in the country, with a particular emphasis on the safety and security of unarmed civilians merely exercising their democratic and constitutional right to protest.

Zimbabweans are a patriotic and peace loving, hardworking people who are crying out for an ear and sensibility from those who are governing them.

We call on our state security agents once again to exercise restraint and seek to play a positive role in the resolution of the current Zimbabwean conflict.

You can never claim to be a leader until and unless the interests of your people become the focus of your leadership.

*Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign*

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