A Bulawayo woman who could not bear the brunt of being bashed by her live-in-lover whenever they argued at home has dumped the ‘love-less’ man before the courts of justice.

Regina Munyati of Mpopoma suburb told Bulawayo magistrate Prince Jeconia Ncube that she was now tired of being bashed and insulted by Danisa Mawindi, her lover.

As a result of the continued beatings at the hands of her man, Munyati said she no longer loved him and was terminating the affair.

“He was treating me like a useless thing, would hit me with fists each time we had an argument. I had to desert our home and went to stay with my parents. Despite that he would come to my home begging me to forgive him. I turned down his demands, but he does not accept that I no longer love him and I do not want anything to do with him,” Regina told the Bulawayo Civil Court.

Regina also said Danisa is in the habit of confronting and embarrasing her at her workplace.

“He comes to my workplace. He would shout at me in front of my workmates and would demand the things he bought for me when we were staying together. When he encounters me with a man, he would insult him while claiming that I’m still his live-in girlfriend,” she said.

Regina had to approach the civil court to apply for a protection order against her stalker.

In her founding affidavit she said:

“I’m applying for a protection order against Danisa Mawindi who was my live-in lover. Sometime in April I had to desert our home and stayed with my parents because he used to beat me and insult me whenever we had an argument. He comes to my workplace and shouts obscenities at me while demanding things he bought me while were staying together. He is in the habit of ambushing me at my workplace and would follow me wherever I go and would spew insults at any man that talks to me while claiming that I’m still his lover”.

Danisa did not attend the court session forcing the magistrate to reserve her ruling on the case.

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