In a move that shows nepotism and abuse of office elements by the executive leadership of Zimbabwe, one of the Vice Presidents Kembo Mohadi has written to a Chairperson of a District Council instructing her to swiftly identify and allocate land to a company called Lebanon Investment.

Analysts, believe given the seniority of the office that issued the instruction, there is no way that the district chairperson could defy the order.

They say the potential effect of such an order is the further displacement of downtrodden people from their rural homesteads in the targeted Magunje area, as noted by former military intelligence officer Never Maswerasei.

He says: “Our internal investigation established that apart from the direct request for land to set up the said cement operation by the “investor”, there no clear programme of social development for the Magunje community that will be directly affected by such a commercial undertaking.”