An opinion poll conducted by well followed investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has indicated that ZANU PF has become worse than colonial rule under Ian Smith.

According to the poll President Emmerson Mnangagwa got the least rating with only 5% thinking is better.

A mere 21% said late former President Robert Mugabe was a better leader, while 74% said Smith was a better leader.

Chin’ono says it is sad to note that ZANU PF has become so bad to the extent of surpassing the colonial government.

“It is sad for those of us who lived through the pain of colonial rule to know that ZANUPF has become worse than Ian Smith.

“To have a poll where 74% of 19,160 participants say Ian Smith was better shows how terrible ZANUPF has become in the eye of the citizen,” he says.

Meanwhile, the debate on who was better between Ian Smith and the ZANU PF government has over the years been a heated one.

The ruling party has accused those who think it has become worse than Ian Smith of being puppets of the whites.