Results of the Housing Census reveal that 58.6% of the people own the houses they live in; 19.3% are lodgers with no formal contracts; 3.1% are tenants with formal contracts; 9.1% stay with relatives; 9.3% live in institutional accommodation.

The 2022 Population and Housing Census combined both a population and housing Census into one statistical operation, the study was undertaken to inform policy interventions by Government, says Minister of Information Monica Mustvangwa.

Apparently, cabinet has reported that 1 688 projects were implemented during the period January to December 2021, out of these, 657 projects were fully completed.

This was revealed by Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Monica Mustvangwa during post cabinet briefing, where she pointed out that implementation of 1 031 is ongoing.

She said the projects include infrastructure and utilities (roads, airports, dams, irrigation, housing, energy); human capital development (construction of schools); social protection (support the elderly, BEAM); health and wellbeing.