Police on an Operation code named Lets fight Stock Thieves/Asilwiseni Amasela Ezifuyo Phase Two, recovered suspected stolen 51 cattle and eight donkeys at Ngoma Village, Gwanda.

The cattle which comprises of twenty one cows, fifteen calves, ten heifers, four steers and one bull all with various brand and earmarks were found penned in a field surrounded by a thicket.

The police says no one was found in-charge of the herd and that no arrest has been made so far.

Meanwhile, police in Dema have arrested Ravison Simbini (41) for murder after he fatally assaulted his son Roy Ebenezer Simbini (14) with a leather belt on 15 November 2021.

The victim had been confronted over allegations of drunkenness on the previous day resulting in the father assaulting him.

The victim’s condition deteriorated and he started vomiting blood and died.