Because of the thrill that online sports betting gives, it comes as no surprise that the nation has seen the rise of online sports betting in South Africa. Another factor that makes online betting fun and addictive for the nation is free bets and bonuses. These are promotions or rewards that help bettors get discounts or add more earnings to their bets. Moreover, if a bet doesn’t work out, these bonuses and promos will save you from loss or refund.

Most free bets and bonuses come from the betting sites themselves, but sometimes online bookmakers partner up with other sites to give free bets, bonuses, and promo codes. For example, 1xBet partnered up with ProTipster for an exclusive 1xBet promo code. Check 1xBet promo code on to avail of this exclusive promo.

Now before claiming rewards like these, bettors should always read inclusions to know how and when to use them. With this, here are 5 tips when claiming your free bet or bonus.

Check the validity date for claiming the bonus

Most bonuses have a validity date. So, whenever you receive a promo, bonus, or free bet, always take a look at the expiration date. This way, you can take note of when to claim your reward. 

Among the different bonuses, reload bonuses usually have deadlines. So, if you need to use this bonus, you need to deposit the required fund to claim and use the bonus.

Moreover, don’t wait until the deadline to use your rewards. Plan a strategy on how and when to use it, so you can maximize its rewards. 

See if the bonus or free bet is available for your city or country

Sometimes, certain bonuses don’t apply to specific cities or countries. This can be because the betting site is not available or legal to your city or country, or the specific bonus was meant as an exclusive promo for bettors in a specific city, state, or country. 

However, sometimes sportsbooks restrict specific cities or countries for unknown reasons. It is unfortunate for the bettors, but that is at the company’s discretion. These are common when betting on foreign or international sportsbooks.

So, when you’re betting on an international sportsbook, be mindful of the bonuses and promos that you receive, and confirm if these rewards apply to your country. Maybe it’s also best not to bother with rewards or bonuses from foreign sportsbooks since it might not apply to your country.

Know if there is a maximum bonus amount

When you receive bonuses like a deposit bonus, most sportsbooks set a ceiling amount for the bonus that you can receive. This means that even if you deposit more than what is asked, you can’t receive anything more than the set limit.

For example, most sportsbooks offer a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100. This kind of bonus gives a 100% refund of your deposit but only up to $100. So, if you use the bonus and deposit $80, you get $80 for free. But, if you put in $110, then you only receive the maximum bonus, which is $100. So, before you use these kinds of bonuses, make sure that you read and understand the rules that apply.

Check if there is a bonus code

Some of you might relate to this one. Some bettors have experienced placing a deposit, being qualified for the bonus, and following the rules, but after going through each step correctly, they have not received their bonus. Why is that?

It’s usually because most bettors forget or do not know that they should enter a bonus code. There’s usually an input box for the promo code, but sometimes it could be unnoticeable. Moreover, each sportsbook has different ways to process bonuses or free bets, so things like these could happen. 

That’s why you need to read bonuses and promos carefully. For example, if you read the 1xBet promo code on ProTipster, then you would see that there’s a promo code to claim your bonus. Always make sure that you read and understand how to claim free bets and bonuses.

Watch out for a rollover condition

A rollover condition means that you can’t get a bonus immediately. For example, if you want to claim a 100% up to $80 bonus, then you need to deposit the same amount to get the free $50. However, because of the rollover condition, you can’t receive your free $80, which can be frustrating and inconvenient if you didn’t know there was a rollover condition.

To receive your bonus, you need to roll over or wager the bonus fund or both the bonus fund and the deposit a couple of times.

Usually, you can see the amount that you need to roll over or wager in your account. Until you complete the required wager, you can’t withdraw that bonus.

Ultimate lesson: read and understand your bonuses and free bets

Considering all of the tips above, it all boils down to a proper understanding of how to claim your free bets and bonuses. After all, nothing is “free” in gambling. Always read the terms and conditions as soon as you receive a promo or free bet so that you know when and how to use it. This will spare you from wasted opportunities and frustrations.