For those involved in the financial industry, more precisely, in the stock market, keeping up with the latest news and happenings can mean a great deal. According to an analysis by McKinsey & Company, there are close to 4000 companies on the stock market.

On the other hand, NASDAQ’s analysis of the market cap of publicly traded companies in the US showed a total of $38 trillion, close to 40% of the total global market capitalization.

Even though having all the news in the palm of your hand is great, the important thing is knowing how to pick out the information needed for your financial prerogatives and where to look to get it.

In this post, we disclose 4 of the most useful ways to help you stay on top of the stock market game.


Listening to podcasts rather than reading the daily news on the stock market fluctuation can be a great way to keep up with new information.

You can stock up your smartphone on several stock market-oriented podcasts and listen to the news as you commute or walk to your office.

In most cases, news podcasts contain re-runs of interviews with stock market executives, professionals, and newscasts. Also, these can deal with daily or weekly sum-ups of the most recent financial events.

News summaries in podcasts are a super way to stay on top of the recent financial trends if you’re looking to make long-term investments. This is because news summaries are easier to follow, and everything is right in one place.

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News Websites

There are hundreds of news-only websites you can follow and subscribe to get the latest news and stay in the know.

As a plus, many news agencies are also present on social media platforms, making it easier for readers to get timely information. Newsletters are another way websites offer readers news; you can subscribe to get the latest scoop with a single click and choose to get news updates on local news or subscribe to worldwide happenings.

News websites usually headline the most important information first. Since almost all news pages are mobile-friendly, you can access them on your smartphone or laptop – all you need is an internet connection!

Some of the most prominent news providers with 24/7 coverage are CNN, Fox News, BBC, New York Times, the Globe, and Mail.

RSS Readers

For those looking to have all of the news they’re interested in a customized way, using an RSS reader (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) can mean a great deal of getting the news on a need-to-know basis.

RSS readers are an excellent way to customize your information to your preferences – if you’re interested in the stock market, you can set the reader to filter out information and summarize only stock market-related news.

Many news providers already incorporate RSS feeds; to read them, you would need to download an RSS reader as an app or use some web-based RSS readers like Feedbin or Feedly.

Using RSS readers is easy – most news websites will have the RSS feed marked in a white and orange symbol. Once you click on it, you’ll get a link that you should paste into the reader and have all the news you need.

Having RSS feeds means you can customize the news you get and have it all in one place without spending time on non-relevant information for your interest.

Google Alerts

Another way to get all the latest stock market details is to turn to Google Alerts. For those particularly interested in the stock market, you can choose which news to receive by setting your preferences. Whenever there’s an update that piques your interest, Google will send you a news alert via e-mail.

Typing in keywords like “stock market” will have Google filter out only the news related to your preference and deliver the exact content to you. You can receive your news as they emerge or opt for a journal-type of news content.

Using Googe Alerts is an excellent way of keeping up with the stock market if you simply don’t have the time to look for the latest news yourself. Plus, Google allows you to choose the type of content you receive – videos, images, or text.

Conclusion: Keeping Up With the Stock Market

In the digital world of today, staying on top of the happenings in the stock market has never been easier.

Whether you prefer hearing over reading the news or you want to receive e-mail notifications on the latest news, the options are endless.

RSS feeds, Google Alerts, or podcasts – how you receive your news is up to you!