A number artisanal miners are feared dead after the mining shaft they were working in flooded at Pingo, a mining claim near Brompton Mine area. Three have been confirmed dead.

Contacted for a comment, ZRP Kadoma district spokesperson Sergeant Crymore Muriro said that they had received the report but were awaiting feedback from officers attending the scene.

“We have not received official information from scene attendants but we have indeed gotten such a report,” Sgt Muriro told Nhau, adding, “We will update as soon as possible.”

According to a local reporter, the flooding is understood to have occurred after the panners, who are reported to have been using explosives, encroached into the base of Claw Dam.

After igniting their explosives, sources say, they got trapped in floods and no one managed to escape.

“I’m coming from Pingo right now. About thirty (30) people are feared to have died underground. Their shaft flooded and there was nothing we could do,” Sporo, a gold panner who works in that area, told Nhau.

Heavy rains pounding the city, though good news, are leaving a trail of destruction.

Only yesterday, two houses sunk into the ground at Maldon mine in Chakari and one person lost life.

Chief Ngezi, Mr Peter Pasipamire, confirmed the incident which took place in his jurisdiction.