BAMAKO: 25 Year Old Mali Colonel Forces President Resignation, AU Condemns Military takeover.

The AU and ECOWAS condemned the arrest and forced resignation of Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and Prime Minister Maiga, who had been detained by mutinous soldiers in a suspected coup after massive protests against corruption, insecurity, and French ties in the West African country.

Reports reaching us say the president, senior government officials and top military officers have been arrested by the mutineers.

25-year-old colonel Malick Diaw who led the coup that overthrew Mali’s government in a twist of dramatic events is expected to announce the formation of a transitional government.

Hero soldier: Colonel M Diaw

It is reported that the mutinous soldiers – calling themselves the National Committee for the Salvation of the People – seized weapons from the armory in the garrison town of Kati and then advanced to the capital of Bamako where they stormed the presidential residence and took him into custody along with Prime Minister Boubou Cisse.

They appeared on state television in military attire, pledging to lead a civilian transitional government that will organize fresh elections and stabilize the country that “was facing insecurity” under Keita’s office.